Time & Attendance

Reduce your wage bill

Time & Attendance gives you the tools you need to manage your workforce more effectively.

Why choose Time & Attendance software from Pastel?

Cost effective technology

Sophisticated clocking hardware is no longer prohibitively expensive - you are now able to install biometric clocking boxes in your business at very reasonable cost. This technology eliminates false clockings through staff sharing fobs or codes - it needs a finger print, which as we know are unique.

The boxes we use have been installed in all sorts of environments and have worked reliably.

Software that saves you money

By taking the clockings directly from the clocking machine, our intuitive software calculates employee hours, overtime, lateness, sickness and absence accurately, saving your payroll staff hours, while reducing the risk of payroll inflation.

Fast return on investment

As well as helping you to see a return on your investment in as little as two months, we've invested heavily in driving the cost of quality time management software down.

Great support

When you buy Time & Attendance, you get 12 months comprehensive support by phone, email and online, along with free access to software updates. We're here to give you the peace of mind that if you ever have a question, we've got the answer.