Barcodes are widely used because they provide a fast, accurate, cost-effective, and easy-to-implement method of tracking. With a barcode tracking system in place, every step of the supply chain benefits from access to the same, up-to-date information on parts and components as they make their way from warehouse shelf to factory floor to end destination.

Make inventory management fast, reliable, and easy with Pastel’s Mobile Scanning system. These are the basic features of the barcode scanning application:

  • The scanner reads picking lists from sales orders and purchase orders entered into Pastel Evolution. It then writes back the “confirmed” quantity once you have finished scanning.
  • Can read GS1 and HIBC barcodes (used in the healthcare industry) to automatically populate lots, serial numbers and expiry dates, as well as standard SKU/UPC style barcodes
  • Displays warnings if stock has expired, or the expiry date does not match what is held in Evolution
  • Can handle both 2D and 3D barcodes (dependant on the scanner used)
  • Designed to work in warehouses with spotty Wi-Fi connection (i.e. keep scanning when you lose Wi-Fi connection, you just need the connection to load and post back to orders)
  • Allows you to view basic stock information (such as bin location) from the scanner


  • Reduce errors – forget incorrect unit counts, mismatched SKU’s and human error
  • Speed up picking – orders can be sent electronically to the floor
  • Real-time data – keep your stock data live, to allow for better business decisions

Works with Evolution version 7.2 and version 9 (due for release end of 2017)

For more information about the Pastel Mobile Scanning system, please call +44 161 413 5040 taking option 1.