Many manufacturers are still favouring old-fashioned approaches when it comes to money management and production. With the Pastel UK & Ireland MRP module, however, things are about to get very different for SMEs in this industry.

Available for use in conjunction with Sage 200 Evolution, this magnificent module offers multiple benefits for business owners in the manufacturing sector – actively enhancing the capabilities of existing accounting software in the process.

Read on to learn why we’re so excited about being able to offer this module to our customers.


What is this Pastel advanced manufacturing module?

Our new manufacturing process system guarantees seamless integration with Sage 200 Evolution.

Offering a sophisticated solution for accounting procedures, this heavy-duty software is capable of fulfilling countless requirements with a wide array of features and functionality improvements.

The system is ideal for all types of small to medium-sized manufacturing businesses, including those in chemical blending, health and beauty, paper and foil, metal, plastic, cosmetics, woodwork, electronics, and food and drink.


Full management and complete control of your production processes

Through the combination of five primary modules – Bill of Materials, Work in Progress, Material Requirement Planning, Production Scheduling and Quality & Statistical Process Control – our manufacturing module empowers the running and measurement of production job performance.

Equipped with an array of quality control, statistical process, workflow and lot recall features, our system also caters for bespoke add-ons. This means specially made programmes can be integrated at any time, slotting in seamlessly with your preferred mode of operations.


Crafted by manufacturers

What makes our module so effective is the fact that it was designed and developed by people with a background in manufacturing.

Having spent years dealing with outdated, convoluted accounting systems, these professionals reviewed the shortfalls they experienced at previous companies to programme a better solution – one that’s user-friendly for manufacturers.

This software system automates manual processes, rendering “job cards” archaic as everything is run entirely from a tablet or portable device.

Geared towards lean manufacturing, the system is clear and responsive, offering manufacturers a means to reduce cost, streamline production, enhance performance and increase overall turnover.


Extraordinary value for money

At its current price, our manufacturing module is one of the best pieces of software on the market in terms of value for money.

Ordinarily, companies can expect to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds to actively boost the efficiency of their operations, but this terrific Pastel module offers far more for far less.

Ultimately, we’ve made advanced software financially accessible for SMEs – helping you improve your manufacturing processes so you can take your business to the next level.


Get in touch with Pastel today to find out more

If you’re involved in manufacturing in any way, contact the Pastel UK & Ireland team to learn more information about this advanced manufacturing system. We will be happy to answer all your questions and speak about the benefits of the brilliant module in much greater detail.

We’re available on 0161 413 5040 or, and you can also leave a message via our online contact form.

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The Pastel Team