Since 1998, Izabelle Hammon have been supplying salons and beauty technicians with nail gel, nail polish and accessories for gel nail systems. In addition, Izabelle Hammon sells Christian Faye eye products and more recently, the company has extended its product range to include Dr Paw Paw and Colorsmash, making various professional brands accessible for all.

Izabelle Hammon began working with Pastel UK & Ireland in 2007, having heard about the company through the directors, who originate from South Africa. As the company grew, they knew they needed a more robust system to handle their growing range of requirements.

Seeking a cost-effective solution for accounting and stock management, Izabelle Hammon decided to switch to Sage 200 Evolution, as it offered the right level of functionality for the size and operations of the business, including:

  • Accurate inventory management and stock control
  • Simple tools for accounts payable
  • Cash flow and debt control features
  • Monthly reports and statements

As the company is responsible for manufacturing, colouring, packing, sales and distribution, Izabelle Hammon sought a solution that could integrate fully with all aspects of the business.

Sage 200 Evolution has become an integral part of the company’s operations, offering a simple CRM, automating time-consuming tasks and ensuring smooth communication between the finance, sales and warehouse team.

Following the initial implementation and training, Pastel UK & Ireland have provided ongoing support and regular upgrades, ensuring that Sage 200 Evolution continues to meet the evolving needs of the business.

A couple of years ago, Pastel integrated the system with the online web shop, enabling online orders to download automatically. This has saved time and money for Izabelle Hammon, reducing the company’s reliance on manual input and allowing them to channel resources into better servicing clients.

By working closely with the team at Izabelle Hammon over the past ten years, Pastel UK & Ireland have been able to tailor the system to perfectly complement the needs and operations of the business.

“We’ve found Sage 200 Evolution to be an incredibly robust, easy-to-use solution. Our staff know it well and the support available means that we never run into any problems using the system. It meets the needs of our business and saves us time and hassle.”  Thomas Hammon, Izabelle Hammon.


About Sagel 200 Evolution

Sage 200 Evolution is a high-end enterprise resource planning system, made to consolidate business functions and processes. It’s an advanced solution for accounting, stock management, customer relationship management and more.

Backed by dedicated support from the Pastel UK & Ireland team, this ERP system has everything you need to save time, money and hassle when handling business operations.