Pastel Xpress

Small business books made simple

Pastel Xpress gives your small business an affordable way of managing your books and handling basic accounting.

What are the benefits of using Pastel Xpress?

Save time

You can email documents such as statements, invoices, orders and quotations directly from Xpress, saving time for you and the people you do business with.

Take stock

Along with the easy to use cashbooks, ledgers and tax processing, Pastel Xpress also includes a powerful inventory system, which links to your accounts and sales & purchases. This integration makes working with stock simpler and faster.

Get paid quickly

Pastel Xpress makes it easy to keep on top of your cashflow, with a full drill down from powerful, but straightforward reports. Send invoices straight to your customers by email, and get paid faster. A healthy cashflow is essential to a healthy business, and Pastel gives you the tools you need.

Make better decisions

You can extend your Pastel Xpress software with our Business Intelligence Centre module, which makes looking at the health of your business as easy as point and click. Use the great looking reports to make better decisions, with all the facts at hand.

Great support

When you buy any Pastel product, you get 12 months comprehensive support by phone, email and online, along with free access to software updates. We're here to give you the peace of mind that if you ever have a question, we've got the answer.