Time & Attendance

Liquid Time

A modern, Cloud based Time & Attendance application designed for all types of SME’s, particularly organisations that need to manage staff and schedule shifts across several sites, often with employees having no supervision.

Employees and managers can access the software from any location with an internet connection on a smartphone, tablet or PC. Using GPS location capability, managers are able to ensure they always know where their employees are, essential from a duty of care and resource management perspective.


scheduling with liquid time


Enter flexible schedules for your employees for your employees, with effective dates, so that changes to schedules can be planned months in advance. Different pay rates can be entered on a shift-by-shift basis, and any applicable travel expenses payable to the employee can be entered.

clocking with liquid time


Your employees can clock in and out of sites from their phones, using our mobile-friendly website. If configured we can also collect their location from their phone to check that they are actually on-site before allowing them to clock in. Employees can also be prompted to provide a reason if they start a shift late.

management structure with liquid time

Management Structure

Define your management structure up to 5 levels deep to keep your employees and sites organised. Managers can change employee and site details that they manage, and enter timesheets and holiday requests for employees that aren't using the application themselves.

holiday approvals with liquid time


Each departments managers can approve holiday requests and working hours. These approvals 'bubble' up to the next management level for additional approval if configured to do so.

periods with liquid time


Working hours are approved by managers on a configurable schedule. Once complete, members of your finance team can produce reports for the period to help them complete payroll and other administrative tasks.