Bespoke Integrations into your Pastel supplied Accounting Software

We understand that most businesses have many functions, and communication is a key part to any business. It is therefore important that your bespoke accounting solution is not a disjointed arm in your processes.

Here at Pastel, we can integrate your other business processes through custom developed APIs to help your business run more efficiently. This could be anything from your existing stock function to your CRM, bringing all your processes together to form a highly cost effective total ERP solution.

What is a bespoke API?

API stands for ‘Application Programming Interface’, but basically describes one way to plug your website into another. Commercial sites make some parts of their code or data available to developers so that they can built tools for the site. The code they expose is called the API and the stuff they build – the tools and widgets – are called applications.

Our expert developers at Pastel can build custom APIs so that they can talk to existing APIs your internal processes may already have.

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