About Us

Get to know us

We've been building software to solve real problems for small businesses for over 20 years.

We started out writing payroll software in 1989, and along the way we've added other solutions, including the Pastel range of bookkeeping software, which is used by over 180,000 small, medium and large businesses around the world, in 52 countries.

Meet our team

Colin Maher, Director of Operations

Debbie Knight, Business Development

Grant Swithinbank, Head of Support and Consultancy

Ashwin Balluck, Senior Business Analyst

Austin Shaw, Lead Consultant and Business Analyst

Andrew Leasley, Support Consultant/Junior Analyst

Erica Trevizan, Assistant Accountant

Georgie Lewis, Business Development

Adam Galloway, Sales Account Manager

Adebola Ayoola, Head of Development

Anthony Boggiano, Director

Get in Touch

Call us on 0161 413 5040

Our phonelines are open between 8:45 am and 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday. You can find, submit queries and search our knowledgebase 24 hours a day online.

Our Values

Plain Language

We believe passionately in being clear in everything we say. We try to avoid the acronyms and jargon that plague the software industry, and instead describe the problems that we solve.

Support who care

We continuously invest in our support systems, so that we can hit our goals: that you spend less time queueing, get a response faster, and get the right answer every time. Our support team genuinely care about delivering the best support possible.

You can submit a query to us in any way that suits - by email, phone, fax, letter, twitter (@pastelukireland) or via our support website at support.pastel.co.uk which allows you to track the status of your ongoing queries online

Great software

We love technology. We've seen our customers transform their businesses with the right software, and we are excited about bringing that technology to you.

Fair pricing

We believe in sustainable pricing, where the price you pay is fair to you, and to us. Most of our products are modular, so that you only pay for the features you need. We encourage payment by Direct Debit, which helps drive down the cost of collecting payment, so that we can keep our prices low.

We listen

Your feedback is precious to us. It helps shape our products, our support, and everything we do.


Feel free to check out our policy documents in PDF format.

Commitment to Quality

We will ensure that our products and services meet our customer's expectations, our own high standards and comply with all relevant regulations. Specific quality objectives will be set and reviewed through our management review process. To help achieve these, we will maintain a quality system that meets BS EN ISO 9001 - "Quality Management Systems – Requirements". We must strive to continually improve our performance by regularly evaluating our products and services and identifying actions to ensure that our objectives are achieved and that problems are prevented. Please note that we are assessed by the Centre for Assessment (see http://www.centreforassessment.co.uk/) which is accredited by UKAS (see https://www.ukas.com/) the UK’s National Accreditation Body.