Liquid Payroll

The cost-effective Cloud Payroll for small to medium businesses

Why choose Liquid Payroll?

Cost effective Cloud Payroll

Available from 5 employees, up to unlimited employees with Auto Enrolment, with all the benefits of Cloud – no disaster recovery licence required, no installation/registration, no updates – simply log in wherever you have a browser and an internet connection and get to work.

Built in Free Support Centre

Although there is an excellent help section within Payroll there might be times when clarification or some extra help or advice is needed the support centre gives us the ability to provide that support first line from our UK based support team.


There are no backups for you to perform we do it all for you. We aim to keep 6 years of data on the system at all times.

Email or Print your own Branded Payslips

Email your staff payslips or print to distribute and it’s simple to brand them with your logo.

Payroll supports most pay frequencies

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Four Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annually.

CIS construction industry scheme for subcontractors

MyCIS is available as an option within Payroll online payroll and allows you to run CIS with full online verification and submissions. Produce a monthly Payment Certificate for issue to each subcontractor. An optional Pay Advice can be issued to accompany each payment made to a subcontractor and can be printed and or emailed direct to your subcontractor. HMRC online filing of CIS 300’s too. MyCIS is quick and easy to set up and simple to use and costs just £1 per person paid per month.

Excellent Reporting and Analysis

Our reporting functionality is quite comprehensive and can be produced and exported to excel for further manipulation.

Bi-directional HMRC communication with RTI

Payroll automatically communicates with HMRC retrieving employee notices. Fully RTI compliant with simple one click submission, automated employer notice polling and includes filing of P9 and P11d expenses and benefits and CIS submissions.

BACS files and Payments

Produce BACS output file for your banking software. Optional online BACS integration with single click payments and full authorisation process. Subscribe to our BACS module for a complete one stop solution.

P9 and P11D functionality

Calculate and track expenses and benefits with full filing to HMRC.

Importer Tool

It’s easy to change-over to Payroll with our Employee Importer tool. Simple excel Importing for quick and painless setup.

Multi-level Access Control

Allow access to the payroll for staff if you choose and allow them to input their own hours or view their own data and HR information all with controlled access of what they can see or edit.

Run Multiple Payrolls

Set up multiple payrolls, weekly, bi-weekly, four weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, Directors, by department or by cost centre.

Full Feature List

  • Calculation of PAYE
  • Calculation of Employee’s NIC
  • Calculation of Advance (Holiday) Pay
  • Calculation of Pension Contributions
  • Calculation of Student Loan Repayments
  • Calculation of Earnings Attachments
  • Calculation of Statutory Sick Pay
  • Calculation of Statutory Maternity, Paternity, Adoption and Shared Parental Pay
  • Printing of payslips with support for security payslip formats and optional email delivery of payslips
  • Printing of pay summaries for each payroll run
  • Printing of Accounts (Nominal Ledger) Reports for each payroll run
  • Calculation and printing of Statutory Return information for monthly/quarterly HMRC payments
  • Export of Pay Summaries, Nominal Ledger, Statutory Return and Pay Analysis to Excel via csv file
  • Ability to reprint Payslips and other reports for current Tax Year and at least 3 previous Tax Years
  • Printing of P45 forms for leavers
  • On-line submission of HMRC RTI Full Payment Details, Employer Payment Summary, Employer Alignment, Earlier Year Update and NINO Verification
  • Automatic retrieval of Payroll Notices (Tax Coding Notices, Student Loan Notices, Notification Notices etc.) from HMRC
  • Support for Weekly, Fortnightly, 4-Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual payroll cycles
  • Invoices sent by email and viewable on-line
  • Provision of On-line help plus Technical Support via built-in support centre
  • Generation of HMRC Generic Payroll file for payroll audit
  • Generation of copies of HMRC Submission files and HMRC Acceptance messages for payroll audit
  • Assessment of employees for Pension Auto Enrolment (AE)
  • Export of Pension AE data to Pension Provider for supported APIs and file formats
  • Recording of Employee Expenses and Benefits for HMRC Form P9D and P11D plus P46(Car)
  • On-line submission of HMRC P9D, P11D, P11D(b) and P46(Car) returns
  • Calculation of Class 1A NIC due on P11D Expenses and Benefits
  • Recording of Training records
  • Recording of Disciplinary events and actions taken
  • Recording of Job History and Review records
  • Recording of additional Personal Information (Next of Kin, Contacts etc.)
  • Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) function for Subcontractor verification, calculation of deductions and reporting
  • Importer function for simple transfer of large numbers of Employees to Payroll
  • Importer function for import and export of employee earnings/deductions to Payroll

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